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Whether you stumbled across my website on accident, or landed here on purpose, I'm glad you're here. You'll find information on my books, my works in progress, what I'm reading now, and sites I find useful, as well as links to all my social media, in case you'd like to follow me.

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One day I found a box of books my mother brought home from work. The books were each about 136 pages, had a picture of a man and woman on the cover, and a harlequin emblem on the spine. I'm sure you've guessed they were Harlequin Romances. But at the time, I had no idea what a romance was! Once I started reading them, I absolutely could not stop. I plowed through that box, and then proceeded to drive my mother crazy begging for more and more books to read--and they had to be romances. And so I found my life's passion.

It took several years to get serious about my craft...

Happily for me, the day came I started writing my first romance novel--and I never stopped. I won't say it was easy going. Writing a novel, even a bad one (and my first, never-to-be published novel was definitely not good), comes with a tremendous learning curve.

I'm not nearly done. Still, I'll brag a little and tell you I'm a multi-award winning author! But you can decide for yourself...Navigate my site for excerpts that I hope will whet your appetite to read more of my books.

I write steamy contemporary and historical romance--cuz that's what I love to read :-), I'm multi-published with The Wild Rose Press. My books are available in print or digital format, and one of my books is now available in audible!  



People often ask how I came to be a writer. The answer is, I knew writing was my calling ever since I was a little girl and fell in love with C.S. Lewis's THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. I loved reading a book and getting lost in its world, and wanted to create places where others could get lost, too.



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