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Exhausted.  Soaked.  Muddy.  Hair plastered to his forehead, blinding him.  He dug his elbows into gravel and dragged himself further away from the drop off, then rolled onto his back and closed his eyes.  He would definitely lecture Candace.  Just let him catch his breath first.

“Logan, are you all right?” Candace demanded, not content to wait for him to recover his strength.  She crawled onto his chest and put her ice cold hands on either side of his face, pushing his hair out of his eyes.  “Logan, answer me.”

Logan cracked his eyes open and studied her.  Her fair hair was soaking wet and plastered to her skin.  Water droplets slid down her cheeks, and off her nose. 

“You told me you were safe, you silly man,” she half-yelled, half-sobbed.  “You’re lucky your car stopped where it did instead of crashing into the gorge.”    

Shivers racked her slight frame.  Was she frightened?  Cold?  He lifted one exhausted arm and swiped her hair back from her cheeks.  “Let’s get you home,” he said.

For a moment she stared at him with the blankest expression—then laughter burst from her lips.  “You’re crazy.”

“I’m crazy?  You just took a joy ride in the middle of a tropical storm.”

She sat back on his stomach and just smiled at him.  A big beautiful smile that lit up her whole face.  Something warm and wonderful filled Logan’s chest and he did the only thing he could do at that moment.  Grasping her nape with one hand, and her shoulder with the other, he dragged her down and kissed her.

Kimberly Keyes Romance

~Unleash your inner romantic

Readers love Lover's Leap:

"Take a smoking. hot photographer with striking blue eyes and a curvy blonde fireball on the run from a thunderstorm, put them together in a mutual friend’s upscale Lake Tahoe retreat and you have the makings of a steamy, made-for-each-other romance. From the first page I knew I was going to love this book..."--author Kat Drennan 


"A good balance of romance and mystery, this will appeal to readers of both genres. Sprinkled with humour, this is a nicely written book which holds your interest throughout."--

Louise G, Reviewer on NetGalley

What people are saying about TheTrouble with Tigers:

"I truly enjoyed every minute of this book, with all its twists and turns. Kudos to the author on a well-written, totally engaging book. I loved the mistaken identity, the slow-burn of the building relationship between Kitty and Zeke, and the despicable secondary characters that twist the plot"--Katie O'Sullivan, author 

"This book seemed to be predictable, but it wasn't. There were some twists and turns that I did not see coming. I loved the plot and the characters!"--Jane S, Librarian

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