Romance Novels by Kimberly Keyes


A Victorian Romance

The best laid plans…
The unexpected homecoming of Lord Zeke Thurgood, grandson and heir
to the Earl of Claybourne, casts Lady Kitty Hasting’s brilliant plan to hide 
as the earl’s boy servant into utter chaos. Magnificent, maddening Zeke. 
Kitty’s best efforts to act the model servant can’t stop the man’s faultfinding. 

Zeke can’t put his finger on what about the lad irks him—until his grousing leads her nemesis-guardian 
straight to their door, and he witnesses Kitty’s unveiling. 
Then the earl announces Zeke and Kitty’s fake engagement, and his shock is complete. 
Faking an engagement is a slippery slope…
Emphasis on fake. Zeke’s plans don’t include staying in England, much less marriage, and Kitty’s dead-set against marrying a man who does not like her, much less love her.  
When a new and unforeseen danger threatens to take Kitty from him forever, however, Zeke can no longer deny the truth: Kitty’s irresistible mix of courage, determination, and charm make her his perfect match.  With the clock ticking, he’ll convince her he’s the only man for her, or lose the best thing that ever happened to him.


Price: $5.99


A Contemporary Romance

You know what they say about assumptions…
After finding her fiancé in bed 
with another woman, Candace, an up-and-coming 
fireball of a romance novelist, 
escapes to her best friend Eric’s upscale vacation 
retreat in Tahoe. Once there, she finds she’s not alone.
She’s sharing the place with fellow
house guest, Logan, a man she believes to be
Eric’s latest lover. 
Except…he’s not Eric’s lover. 
Logan, the nearly-irresistible-to-women, sexy
photographer, isn’t gay. He’s hiding out,
licking personal wounds of his own,
and before he’s allowed anywhere near Candace,
he’s sworn off of her. No problem.
You know what they say about about forbidden fruit…
Except…There’s something about Candace.
She’s not simply beautiful and enticingly off-limits. 
She treats him like he’s more than the shallow pleasure seeker he believes himself to be, 
brings light to his life, and peace to his world-weary soul.
Too bad she thinks he’s gay.
But even if he can clear that hurdle, can he really 
entrust Candace’s heart to his own haphazard keeping?


Price: $4.99


A Contemporary Romance

Sometimes a fresh start means going back home…

When Julia’s carefully constructed life takes a sudden, demoralizing nose dive, she flees to the small town of her youth. She finds the perfect landing place–a furnished cottage on a private estate in the Blue Ridge foothills.Then she learns the owner-resident is Jackson Tate—her high school crush, and until recently, the source of her greatest humiliation.
Jackson, the small town boy-turned-rockstar, never forgot Julia, nor the mistake he made causing his one-time math tutor to vanish from his life. Jackson avoids all but the most superficial entanglements of the female variety. Yet one look at Julia and he’s determined to win back the friendship he lost. 
Julia’s ancient grudge can’t withstand Jackson’s lethal combination of humility and charm. But what about her teenage crush? Especially one not so one-sided after all…

Price: $3.99

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