THE TROUBLE WITH TIGERS, a Victorian romance

Faking an engagement is a slippery slope…
When Lord Zeke Thurgood, grandson to the Earl of Claybourne, returns to London from abroad, he’s flummoxed by his grandfather’s new, woefully inadequate servant, Kit. More to the point, he’s odd. Witness Kit’s penchant for staring at Zeke like a cat eying a pot of fresh cream.

Lady Kitty Hastings had thought hiding as a boy servant would safeguard her from her guardian. Enter Lord Zeke Thurgood. Magnificent, maddening Zeke whose grousing unwittingly leads her nemesis straight to her.

Zeke is still reeling over Kitty’s unveiling when he lands in the role of her fake fiancé. Emphasis on fake. Zeke’s plans don’t include marriage, much less staying in England. Only, after Kitty assures him he lacks several critical husbandly qualities, it dawns on him—Kitty’s irresistible mix of courage, determination and charm make her exactly what he needs. Now he’ll convince her they’re a perfect match, or lose the best thing that ever happened to him.



LOVER’S LEAP, a contemporary romance

Lovers leap…because love means risking the fall

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman, Candace, a twenty-something, up-and-coming romance novelist takes off for a friend’s vacation home in Tahoe.  The good news? She’ll share the place with fellow house guest, Logan, her best friend Eric’s lover.  Except…

Logan, the nearly-irresistible-to-women photographer, isn’t Eric’s lover.  Not now, not ever.  He’s in Tahoe licking personal wounds of his own making, and before he’s allowed anywhere near Candace, he’s sworn off of her.  No problem.  Except…
There’s something about Candace.  She’s not simply beautiful and enticingly off-limits.  It’s in the way she doesn’t flirt with him. In the way she treats him like he isn’t a shallow pleasure-seeker. In the way, somehow, she brings peace to his world-weary soul.
Too bad she thinks he’s gay.  But even if he can clear that hurdle, can he really entrust Candace’s heart to his own haphazard keeping?



Playing Her Song


A contemporary romance

Julia Hudson’s high school crush, Jackson Tate, thanked her for tutoring him by pawning her off on a friend for prom. Since then, she’s gone out of her way not to see him—A simple task, as post-college she moved from their small town to the big apple, while Jackson’s band made him a star and took him west. When an ego crushing fiasco lands Julia back home, she finds the perfect temporary place—a furnished cottage located on a private estate in the Blue Ridge foothills. Then she learns Jackson Tate not only owns the estate, he lives there. Jackson’s turbulent life made him much more than the playboy even he believes himself to be, and he can’t help wanting to earn back the friendship he lost. Realizing she’s nursed a grudge long enough, Julia gives him that chance. But have enough years passed to quell her crush? One, it seems, not so one-sided after all…

Note from the author:

The ink’s dry on my contract with my publisher, The Wild Rose Press for PLAYING HER SONG. I’ll announce the release date very soon! 

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