Excerpt from “Lover’s Leap”

Chapter Thirteen


The girl behind the counter did a double-take when she spotted Logan. Candace slid Logan a covert glance to see if he noticed. He hadn’t. The man was utterly oblivious to his effect on women. She hid a grin at the girl’s slack jawed, wide-eyed stare. Nice to know she wasn’t alone in her fascination with the man’s…everything.


“Hi,” the girl said, never taking her eyes off of him. “What can I do, I mean, get for you?”

Logan shot the cashier a lazy smile as he leaned over the counter to rest on his elbows. “What looks good today, Lisa?” he asked in that velvet-soft voice.


Lisa fingered her nametag and giggled.


Maybe he wasn’t totally oblivious.


“You have any of those turkey paninis left back there?”


The girl giggled again. “Sure.”


“My friend and I’ll each have one, plus one medium latte, and one small black coffee, please.”


“I’ll bring it right out,” she answered with her teenaged attempt at a sultry smile. The girl sashayed to the kitchen.


“I see your effect on women is universal.” She hadn’t meant to say that aloud. She could’ve bit out her own tongue“ Seconds later the cashier appeared with their drinks.


“Which is which?” Candace asked after she left.


“The latte’s for you, the negro para mi.”


“How’d you know I like lattes?”


He shrugged. “Just a guess. You look like a sweet-latte kinda girl.”


“I see.” Candace added a couple of packets of raw sugar to the cup then took a cautious sip. “Delicious. I needed it, too. I never had breakfast this morning.”


“You should’ve said something. I would’ve fed you long before now. Breakfast’s the most important meal of the day.”


Chapter Twenty-Three


The moment Logan’s hands tightened on her, Candace knew he meant to kiss her. No, the moment just before that. Something about the intensity of his expression, and the tempo of his breathing. And in that moment, that millisecond in time, nothing ever felt more natural than to melt into him, and revel in the sweet, salty taste of his mouth.


And then poof, she came to her senses. This was Logan. Eric’s Logan.


He must have had the same realization, because his kiss ended as abruptly as it began.


“Let’s get back to the house before the rain starts again,” Logan said without inflection. He helped her off his lap, got to his feet, and offered Candace his hand.


She forced herself to meet Logan’s eyes. How was it he looked so normal—as if he hadn’t just rocked her world with that heart-stopping kiss?


He held out his hand, palm up. “Keys, please.”


Damn right he’d drive. She didn’t think she could manage, the way her body had begun to shake. From the cold, she told herself. “The keys are in the ignition.”


“Logan righted the bike. He swung one wet, skin-tight, jean-clad leg over the seat to straddle the bike and clipped on the helmet she’d brought him. “Climb on and hold tight.”

Excerpt From: Kimberly Keyes. “Lover’s Leap.” Apple Books. 

"Ms. Keyes has a way of brining sexual tension to the page and keeping the reader glued from beginning to end. Keyes is definitely an author to look out for in the future, and one that I will add to my To Read list from now on!"
Erin Clark
Amazon Reviewer
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